The treatment of hypothyroidism

The treatment of hypothyroidism is to provide the body with the amount of thyroid hormone needed for its operation. It aims to get the symptoms disappear. The non-healing chronic hypothyroidism, the treatment should be continued throughout life.

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The drugs used are synthetic hormones. We’re talking about hormone replacement therapy. This is especially thyroxine (T4) as levothyroxine sodium tablet that is prescribed. The dose is gradually increased in increments until you reach the « target dose ». After eight weeks with this regimen, serum TSH is made. If the TSH is normal, treatment is continued in the same way. If the TSH is high, the dose is increased. A semi and annual monitoring is implemented.

The transforming natural part of the body hormone T4 to T3, prescription synthetic T3 is rare.

Palpitations, nervousness and excitability are classic signs of hyperthyroidism (unlike hypothyroidism) indicating a drug overdose. In this case, treatment dosages are adjusted.

The treatment increases the workload of the heart and oxygen requirements. People with or at risk of heart disease (arrhythmias, heart failure) or have had coronary bypass surgery or a heart attack, and those over 70 years are considered at risk.

For them, when the doctor prescribes a gradual increase in doses of treatment, cardiac monitoring with regular electrocardiograms is required.

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